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New Website, Stickers, And Fanime!

May 27, 2011 by iamcrazymike at 8:26 am. | Comment Icon No Comments
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Good morning internet people! I’m surprised I’m actually awake at this time considering that I basically had less than 2 hours sleep. Though today is the first official day of Fanime, and I just barely finished the new Crazy Go Lucky website for it. The new site boasts a new layout scheme and most interesting of all it’s own online store. That’s right the official Crazy Go Lucky online store now exists on the Crazy Go Lucky domain. As much as I liked Storenvy and what they offered, I still thought it was best that the Crazy Go Lucky online store be a stand alone store. So yeah, go check out the new layout, pages, and store. Although keep in mind that since I barely got it up before Fanime today, I didn’t quite have the time to check for things and work out all the kins. So if you see any glitches or errors of any kind, please point them out to me. Even if it is just simple spelling errors. Also with the release of the new site and for my appearance at Fanime, I have 2 new stickers available for purchase online or at Fanime. Well sorry to cut this short, but I got to get dressed and make my way on over to San Jose for Fanime. Hopefully I will get to meet some of you there ^___^!

Crazy Go Lucky At Fanime!

May 20, 2011 by iamcrazymike at 8:54 am. | Comment Icon No Comments
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In case you haven’t been paying attention, you can find Crazy Go Lucky in the artist alley at this year’s Fanime in San Jose. Crazy Go Lucky will be a part of the Bay Area Artist United “block”. Considering the size of our group, Crazy Go Lucky will be in the first BAAU block which will occupy tables T249-252 and T229-232. To make it easier I’ve also highlighted the area on a map pictured below. Hope to see you guys there!

CAL State East Bay Magazine Spring 2011 Mention

May 19, 2011 by iamcrazymike at 8:10 pm. | Comment Icon No Comments
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I thought it was cool that I was mentioned in the Spring 2011 issue of CAL State East Bay Magazine, but I don’t get why there is no mention of Crazy Go Lucky or the url to this site O_O.