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The Eddie I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Death Cab For Cutie Ukulele Cover)

April 29, 2011 by iamcrazymike at 4:00 pm. | Comment Icon No Comments
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My friend Eddie posted another ukulele cover on his Youtube account. In this video, he sports the Night And Day guys tee from the Crazy Go Lucky Online store. Strangely enough, this is officially the first time Crazy has been mentioned prominently in a Youtube video. People should do this more often. I’m just saying . . .

Also credit goes to Michael Magee for producing the video:

Help Japan! Plan B Status Report

April 18, 2011 by iamcrazymike at 8:00 pm. | Comment Icon No Comments
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After having the pre-orders up for two weeks, only three pre-orders were made. This is clearly way below the minimum amount need to place an order with my screen printer. Hence ultimately this plan can not come into fruition and has failed. While I am disappointed in the results, I need to take it for what it is and continue to move forward. Fanime is about a month away and I need to shift focus towards preparing for that. For those of you that did pre-order the shirt, I really appreciate it and am sorry I wasn’t able to pull through to get the actual product made. Since there isn’t going to be a shirt made, I will issue you all a full refund.

Help Japan! Plan B Extended

April 8, 2011 by iamcrazymike at 5:00 pm. | Comment Icon No Comments
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Due to circumstance, this t-shirt will be up for pre-order for one more week. Once again 100% of all profits from this tee will go to charity to help aid and assist the people in Japan. So grab one if you can, it’s all for a good cause.

Wondercon 2011

April 3, 2011 by iamcrazymike at 11:58 pm. | Comment Icon No Comments
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So Kevin and I went to Wondercon yesterday. It was a fun event and my legs are surely killing me. While there, I also met up with some of the BAAU guys. I’d say more but I feel the pics from Wondercon do a better job at it. So check out all the Wondercon pics in the events section.

Help Japan! Plan B: Ganbare Nippon! Japanese Charity Tee

April 1, 2011 by iamcrazymike at 3:15 pm. | Comment Icon No Comments
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Considering Help Japan! Plan A did not fare so well, I have come up with a Plan B. Plan B is going to be what I call the “Ganbare Nippon! Japanese Charity Tee”. This is a special edition tee, that will feature a Japanese version of CGL Unit 03. According to the Crazy Go Verse storyline, in the wake of the tragedies in Japan the Crazy Go Lucky Advanced Robotics Scientist teamed up with Japan to build them their own version of CGL Unit 03. This Unit was built to help aid and assist Japan recover and rebuild from this tragedy and also to aid Japan with future incidents. This shirt is a special pre-order and pre-orders for it will last for one week. Once that week is over, the shirts will go into production and should ship 3-4 weeks later. All profits made from this t-shirt will be donated to charity to help aid Japan in their time of need. For more information, please check the product page in the online store.

Originally a specially designed tee was to be Plan A, but at the time I couldn’t think of a Japanese themed design. Then about a week ago I had an epiphany for a Japanese version of CGL Unit 03. This design made sense to me since giant robots are something that the Japanese had a great hand in popularizing. Also, the story behind the creation of this version as a way to help the people of Japan both fictional and real seemed to fit well. So hopefully Plan B can fare a lot better than Plan A, especially since I put a little more feeling into this one. In any event, even if you pass on this plan also, please do your best to do whatever you can to help Japan.

Help Japan! Status Report 3

April 1, 2011 by iamcrazymike at 12:00 am. | Comment Icon No Comments
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So it’s the end of March and this Help Japan! effort of mine pretty much tanked. No money at all was raised, which is just terrible. Hopefully this sign of inaction is not to say that you guys did not want to help Japan or didn’t care at all. Rather I can understand if it was because I didn’t promote this properly enough or because you just didn’t like my products. Either way, what’s done is done and we all need to move forward from this. Personally, like I said in the previous update, there are some things I just refuse to give up on. So once I flesh it out, expect to see a Plan B soon(there’s a teaser for a Plan B idea in the previous post as well).