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Johnny Cupcakes CAL State East Bay Lecture 2011

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It’s not often that I post or talk about other clothing companies on here. Actually, it’s something that I never do to be quite honest. Though, the other day I did have the opportunity to meet the one and only Johnny Earle of Johnny Cupcakes fame. I can honestly say guys like him are part of what inspire me to do Crazy Go Lucky. He’s just a guy doing what he loves and has fun doing and it just became such a successful thing for him. I mean he’s got stores in Boston, Los Angeles, and is opening up one in London. He is a true example of if you have the drive and the passion for something, any regular Joe can accomplish great things.

So I did I get the opportunity to meet him? Well, I sort of heard from Facebook that he was doing a lecture at CAL State East Bay this past Wednesday. However, it wasn’t until my friend Ame pointed it out to me that this lecture was open to the public, that I made the conscious decision to go. It has been 4 four years since I’ve been to the alma mater. So I was a bit surprised about all the changes that had happened to the campus since I had last been there. The lecture took place at the Union and was a pretty packed crowd. Ame, her cousin, and I weren’t able to get seats, so we ended up sitting off to the side of the stage.

The lecture was great. Johnny definitely gave some good insight and reaffirmed some beliefs and ideas I have for Crazy Go Lucky. I would tell you what some of those things are but I think I would lose the element surprise if you guys and girls knew about some of these things. Though it does relate to the Crazy Go Lucky theme of randomness. Another thing to point out is that the man has a great sense of humor for a business man of that level of notoriety. I don’t really understand what “Old Navy butt” is, but it just sounds funny. Also, the orajel on people’s drinks sounds like an instant classic.

So towards the Q&A section of his lecture, Ame and her cousin had to leave and since they were my ride I had to go. Though they gave me their parking permit and I drove back to the event from South Hayward Bart. So I got back and the lecture was over and all his shirts they were selling in the hallway were sold out. However, Johnny was still around and there was a line of people waiting to get his autograph and get a picture with him. It wasn’t quite the line you see at his openings, but it still was quite a line.

Ok that wasn’t the line, you can find a picture of the indoor line at the Johnny Cupcakes blog. Though since the line was so long and people were taking all sorts of crazy pics with him, the Union closed before he got to the end of the line. So we had to relocate this to outside the Union.

So to lighten up some of the mood, Johnny did a magic trick or two to keep us enthused in the cold.

So here we get to the part where I can tell people of my own “Johnny Cupcakes story”. So once I got to the front of line, I looked at Johnny and introduced myself and asked if he could sign the Cupcake Chronicle I got from inside the Union. While he was getting the Cupcake Chronicles from my hand, I think he tried another magic trick, but I wasn’t sure how to react. So I kinda stood there and looked awkward. Ok the order of this part of the story I don’t remember too well but either it was cuz he complimented my shirt(I know he made some kind of comment about it) or something about or due to the cold and nervousness I mumbled incoherently that he was an inspiration. Which I then paused drew a blank and then out loud questioned why I was getting nervous(which is probably due to the fact that sometimes you can imagine how you would react if you met your heroes, but sometimes in reality you caught up in the emotions of being in there presence and you don’t know what to do.) Which I will admit is kind of weird because Johnny really does come off as some regular guy that you can imagine hanging out with and talking about cartoons and movies with.

So after that weird little moment, I was able to tell him that I also had a shirt company and gave him a Crazy Go Lucky business card. Which he said he liked the layout. Which is when I started to mention that I was in the process of updating it, but my laptop had started its non boot up issue during the day. So I wasn’t sure when a new card would get made. He then took out his wallet and put the card in there and said he would check it out. I don’t really know if he actually is going to check it out or not. Though, just knowing that at that moment in time he had some good things to say about what I was trying to do made my day. After he put his wallet back in his pocket, I asked to get a photo with him.

So after the photo, we said see you around to each other and I made my way back to my car. Which was surprisingly still there and not ticketed because of the expiration time written on the permit. Although, I didn’t buy any shirts from the event. I did mange to take home some free give aways so I still have some mementos of this day, aside from the story of meeting him. This evening is definitely a memory that I do not want to block repress.

Hello 2011

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Since the first official week of 2011 is pretty much done, I felt like it would be a good time to give you guys a little update on Crazy Go Lucky. One new thing you may or may not have noticed on the Crazy Go Blog is that I removed all the posts and blogs that are directly unrelated to Crazy Go Lucky or to me on a personal level. That means that all the video game, music, movie, and other posts are no longer to be found on the Crazy Go Blog. However those posts have now been redirected to the Crazy Go Lucky Tumblr. So if you enjoy checking out all the random stuff I post like music videos or pictures of girls in glasses, then definitely check out the Tumblr.

That being said, there still is opportunities for outside material to infiltrate the Crazy Go Blog. This is due to the fact that the spotlights are going to stay on the blog. It remains on the blog as a means for me to post people or things that I think you all should check out. So all the band, musician, cute girl, and people of talent spotlights that I have done in the past are still here for you to check out. Also if you know of anyone or anything you would like to have featured in the Crazy Go Blog, drop me off an e-mail at If I like what’s being presented to me I will definitely post it up on here for everyone to check out.

As far as Crazy Go Lucky as brand goes, I’m still working out some ideas I have in my head for t-shirt designs for Series 02. I’m not sure when Series 02 will ever happen, but if 2011 goes well for me and Crazy Go Lucky then hopefully Series 02 might see the light of day 2011. Here is a little teaser to tide you over until then:

In the mean time, I am currently putting more focus on getting some smaller scale items made. Expect to see stuff like more button designs, posters, and other novelties show up in the online store. Hopefully this will help to add some variety to the Crazy Go Lucky product offerings.

Hopefully some of these items will make an appearance at the next event I’m going to be at. The next event I have lined up is Animation On Display, which takes place on February 19-20 at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco. Currently, I’m working and planning out a better table set up than what I used in 2010. Which I hope will a better approach to displaying Crazy Go Lucky. Also I’m thinking of finally getting around to making fliers and a updated version of the Crazy Go Lucky business card.

As for the site, I’m still thinking of it on a day to day basis and change, revise, and add things to it as I see fit. Some slight changes so far are the addition of some new footers added to the randomized footers. Also for the online store section of the site, I had to roll back all current and valid discounts to 10%. This was a decision I felt had to be done due to operating costs and other factors. There are some other tweaks to the site I’m considering, but am not entirely sure if they will be implemented or not.

So yeah, that’s pretty much all I can think of right now that’s worth updating you guys and girls with. If anything else comes to mind I will let you guys know either via the Crazy Go Blog or through the social networks. I would like to thank you all for the support you have shown Crazy Go Lucky and myself in 2010 and the years past, and hope we all can make 2011 a much more awesome year for Crazy Go Lucky.