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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2008 by iamcrazymike at 10:10 pm. | Comment Icon No Comments
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Hey Lucky Ones,

So there’s still about two hours left for Halloween over here in California. So I hope you’re all out having fun and stuff. Also just a reminder we have our Halloween Throwdown going on. Send in your Halloween costume pics to Best costume wins a FREE t-shirt! Submission deadline ends Sunday at midnight. Carry on.

You Get That Thing I Sent You?

October 28, 2008 by iamcrazymike at 1:49 pm. | Comment Icon No Comments
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Hey Lucky Ones,

So I was checking my mail yesterday afternoon and found this little nugget of joy in it.

It’s official people . . . I have a customer ^_^ . . . finally O_o . . .

Crazy Go Lucky Halloween Throwdown!

October 24, 2008 by iamcrazymike at 3:00 pm. | Comment Icon No Comments
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So Halloween is a week away from today and I thought wouldn’t it be fun to just have an all out throwdown. That’s right guys and girls this is an open challenge for all. I want you guys to submit photos of yourself in your costume for 2008. It’s simple dress up in your costume, take a snap shot and then e-mail me the pic @ And yes, I encourage you to be wild and crazy about the whole thing. The person with the most awesome, epic, and totally rad Halloween costume will be awarded with a free Crazy Go Lucky Tee. The costumes will be judged by our harsh and vicious judges so you guys really need to bring your A game. Your costumes will be judged on creativity and general awesomeness and there is the possibility that no one will win. So please, people you really got to go all out with this. Send in your wildest, craziest, funniest, and most awesomest Halloween pics. Pic must be submitted by midnight on Sunday November 2, 2008. Let the throwdown begin!